It is important to know that,  when you by a second hand bike,  you by it on a trustfull way,  when the real owner shows up.  This means that you’ve done everything to check that the bike is bought in normal legal circumstances.  Which signs can you get that the bike who is proposed to buy is stolen?

  1. The seller doesn’t want to meet you at home.
    When you contact the seller of the bike he will avoid that you meet him at his home to have a look ont bike.  The place where he lives gives an indication to his identity and he/she wants to avoid this.  He will try to meet you on a public place.  It’s not because a seller of a second hand bike don’t want to meet you at home the bike is stolen.  It’s just a sign that it’s a possible suspicious situation


  1. No mobile phone number
    The seller doesn’t want to give his mobile phonenumber to avoid that you cabn contact him later.  When he gives you a number he uses a prepaidcard without identity.


  1. No name or only alias
    The seller  has an emailadres and profile on facebook with a fake name, he doesnt give his first name or name when you ask for it. 


  1. No framenumber on the bike.
    When you ask the seller the framenumber of the bike and he refuses to give this number is this a reason to become suspicious.  There is no normal reason why he shouldn’t give the framenumber .  When he refuses it’s clear that there is something wrong, maybe the bike is stolen.  When the bike is stolen he/she wil try to sell the bike as quick as possible, before the owner knows his bike is stolen the bike can already been sold.  On that way there is no check possible, the framenumber doesn’t appear in the list of stolen bikes. 


    4 possible precautions tob y a bike on a safe way:  

    1. Ask for the name and first name of the seller
    2. Look if the bike has signs of possible removed label (see also faq)
    3. Check the framenumber on bikebank
    4. Ask the seller to sign a document with description of the bike .

    Register your bike

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