• Bikebank is a database an informationplatform voor owners and users of bikes, bikeshops, policeforces, insurancecompanies, and local authorities.     
  • All new bikes sold by a  co-operation bikeshop will be registered and labeled. 
  • Everybody can his “old” bike register for free online (for himself or for  his whole family) With the registration is all important information of the bike (brand, type, color, frame number) stored in a safe place behind a password.  When you need it, for example when your bike is stolen, the  information can be used to mark the bike as stolen.  You can change the status of the bike in Bikebank form “in possession” to “to look for” By this publication have all users of the website all details of the bike and the information of the bike is stolen. 
  • Also companies can register and label their bikes and  manage the companibikes. 
  • The registration of the bike can be transferred to the new user  when the bike is sold to a new owner or  given to a family member or sold to a new owner
  • Everybody can make a choice: only registration on the website or registration with a label on the bike.  In case of the choice for a label we advise to put the label on a visible place (always the same place – look faq) You can also put 2 labels on the , the second on a  hidden place (and mention this in the description of the bike)  which makes it for the thief more difficult the bike to sell to a normal person.
  • The label with the qr-code makes that the chances of finding back  the stolen bike are bigger.  The chances to sell the stolen bike become smaller.  All possible byers of  the bike can easily check of the bike is on the list of “ bikes to look for”.  
  • When your bike is stolen you can  you can mark your bike as stolen and from that moment on,  every time the bike is checked you can see the bike is stolen.  The check can be done by the label (qr-code, frame number, engraved number or license plate) 
  • When  the qr-code is scanned the owner of the bike, bikebank and eventually the insurance company gets information by mail/sms about the check, where, when,  and by which device the scan is done. 
  • Everybody who logs in in the website can check if a bike is in the list of  “bikes to look for” .
  • A declaration to the police in a police station or “police on web” is necessary, best is to fill in the number of the police report on the website which makes it more easy to recuperate the bike when it’s found back.   



Bikebank voor particulieren en bedrijven

Bikebank for private persons and companies

Do you’ve old and new bikes from yourself or your family?  Do you work for a company and do you’ve companybikes?  You can easily register your bikes in some steps.  If you want more protection for your bikes you can order a solid label. After the registration and labeling the bikes can be found back easily.  From then the bikes are unique and it’s possible to locate them. 

Bikebank voor fietsvakhandelaars

Bikebank for bikeshops

Do you want an added value for your clients? 

Participate in the bikebankproject and register all new bikes and make a better protection of the bikes possible for your customers. 

Register now and you’re  put in our  register of trustfull bikeshops