Bike stolen, what can you do? 

  1. The bike is not registred in Bikebank? Declaration in the local policestation or by internet on  "police-on-web"
  2. The bike is registred in  Bikebank?  Possibility  to mark the bike as stolen  on the website  Bikebank  on the moment that you know the bike is stolen.  On this way you don’t loose time.  When a bike is checked on Bikebank  based on the label, the framenumber, brand, type and colour, the possibility to find the bike back is increased.  The more information on the website, (for example a photo can be very usefull)   the more possibility that the bike is found back,   Declaration of theft is important, the number of report that is made can you put on the website, which is very usefull for the policeforces when the bike is found back.
  3.  Is the bike registred in Bikebank and labeled with Bikebanklabel?  

  Possibility to mark the bike as stolen on the website Bikebank. The qr-code on the label  can be checked  .  The scanning of the label allows to see where and when and by who (which device)  the scanning is done.  The owner/user, Bikebank, and eventualy the insurancecompany get an e-mail/sms.  The person who scans the qr-code  can see immediately what bike it is, brand, type, colour, framenumber, eventualy photo and status  “in possession” or in the list of bikes to look for.  This system allows easy scans of bikes that are found on public places  or in suspicious circumstances .  The scanning allows to find back bikes more easy.  By scanning all information of the bike (brand, type, colour, framenumber,) it is 100% sure that it is the unique bike.  A bike who has the marks of a label that is removed, without framenumber is difficult to sell to a law abiding citizen.  It is still important to report the bike as stolen to the police.  The numer of the policereport is likely to put on the website and is helpful when the bike is found back. 

  1. Potential byers of a second hand bike are advised to check on Bikebank if eventualy  the bike is registred as stolen. 
  2. Chances to find back a stolen bike in Belgium:  3%  of the stolen bikes can be given back to the owner (Answer on a question in the Belgian Parliament nr. 1664 from 21 september 2016 from Mss BELLENS Rita, Member of Parliament)